Gorgan Site

Gorgan Site, lies just outside the village of Nănesti in Vrancea County, Romania and is registered as a historical monument of local importance (cod: VN-I-s-B-06384). Previews evaluations, have established that the man-made earthwork had been a civillian setelment dating back from the neolitic/eneolitic age, belonging to Cucuteni Culture, phase A-B, as well as from the Iron Age (Hallstatt). The site had also been used for habitation throughout the medieval period something very clearly shown by the wealth of pottery scattered on the surface. However recent discoveries provide new evidence regarding the early habitation in this area and the wide spectrum of prehistoric elements pertaining to the Old European Cultures like: Gumelniţa and Cucuteni.

Our first goal is to help organise a reevaluation of the site, hoping that it would yield sufficient evidence to justify the undertaking of more extensive works in the following years. This could ultimately lead to the rescue of valuable archeological heritage that would otherwise be broken down and leveled by the farming machinery and the regular floods of Siret River.


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