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Are you interested in our events and projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch; whether you are looking for volunteering opportunity or in regard to any initiative in which you or your institution can collaborate with us towards discovering, preserving and promoting the cultural, historical and archeological heritage. We are looking forward to hearing from you; great new ideas about future projects as well as your opinions and suggestions concerning the current ones.

It would be a privilege to have you among our sponsors. Our promise is that however small or large a donation you can afford, it will bring a real change to the field, something concrete that you will here back from in the near future.

On behalf of The Archeological Association Gorganu we thank you!

Alin Frînculeasa, Bianca Preda, Petru Nedelcu

You can donate online by clicking above or through bank transfer:
Name: Asociaţia Arheologică Gorganu
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