Goal & Activities

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Archaeological Association Gorganu is a non-governmental organisation set up for the purpose of furthering the knowledge of our archaeological, historic and cultural heritage, help to preserve it and promote it nationally and worldwide.

With this goal in mind we intend to take the following actions:

  • Organise archaeological works and other forms of historical and cultural research.
  • Create, edit and distribute materials with informative and educational content, e.g. the publication of books and the production of documentaries or other media formats.
  • Fundraise and organise fundraising and educational events, including historically themed presentations, exhibitions and artistic performances.
  • Organise volunteering programs to create opportunities for people of all trades to discover, preserve and promote their archaeological, historic and cultural heritage, and to learn and gain new experience working alongside professional archaeologists and historians.
  • Promote and implement the most recent technologies and the best working practices in research; and facilitate the exchange of information between people and institutions working within the field.
  • Organise education programs for the young generation for cultivating an interest in archaeology, history and culture, through workshops and short courses.
  • Provide consultancy to those who are interested in the domain and the organisation of conferences and seminars or other activities that promote a cultural, historic and civic consciousness.

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